About Us


We got our first wire-haired Dachshund, Dalos Délceg Miskolci (“Rambi” the Sulky Hero of Miskolc), in 2000. As we spent more time together, we had the chance to see the impressive personality living in this small body. He proved to be not only a pleasant companion, but also developed into a pleasant sight, achieving great success at exhibitions; so thanks to him, we get an insight into the world of exhibitions and tasted success. We realized we loved this breed and after a lot of pondering, we decided to extend our family with puppies of the Töpszli Dakszli kennel which is known worldwide, for good reason, and prides itself on international awards.

This is how Töpszli Dakszli Luca and Töpszli Dakszli Nauszika Mandala came to us and became the founding females of our kennel.

They too were very successful at dog fairs. They completed their career in exhibitions with interchampion titles.

We were very happy when in 2003 the then 10-month old Töpszli Dakszli Luca won the European junior winner title at the European Dog Exhibition in Bratislava.

On 30 January 2007, our first puppies were born of the mother EuJW. Töpszli Dakszli Luca and father WW. Treis Pinheiros Trebor (Brazilian).

This litter gave us two winners of European winner and Best of Breed titles: Angyal (Angel) at the European Dog Exhibition of Budapest in 2008, and Asztrik at the European Dog Exhibition of Ireland in 2009. Several dogs from this litter won the Interchampion title.

The year 2012 was the year of great joy for us! 

We adopted a female from the renown Starbarrack kennel from the United States of America. Many thanks to Mary E. Heywood for her confidence.

STARBARRACK SWEET EXPECTATIONS “PENNY” – who helped us win 4 country champion titles after the Hungarian champion titles, as well as the Interchampion title.

One of the biggest successes was winning the Junior Amsterdam winner  title.

Each of our dogs has a blood tracking examination.

In 2014, our kennel reaped a lot of success again.

DANTE STAR’s appearance won a European junior winner title on 23 October 2014 at the EUROPEAN DOG SHOW of Brno and became the Best Junior!!

We would like to continue breeding our beloved type, the standard wire-haired Dachshunds.

Each litter is preceded by careful preparations and the sires are selected with great caution.

We involve foreign blood lines in our kennel (from Brazil, US) because it is our goal to further refine the bloodline and the type, which helps our dogs develop excellent nerve systems and character, which was our purpose from the beginning.

We are very cautious in handing over the puppies to their masters and we follow up on every puppy coming from our kennel.


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